It all started when someone asked me: “Ano hanap mo sa isang bahay?” (What do you look for in a house?) I said, “Yung tipong home ang dating, hindi lang house” (It should be a homey kind of house, not just plain house). And “homey” says Google is “pleasantly comfortable and cozy.”

Exactly what a typical traditional Filipino home is. Homey kind of a house. So there you have it.

Tipong HOME

What a house should be like to shelter a Filipino home. It should be simple yet nice and comfy. It should be just big enough to house or fit everything that a Filipino family needs. The space-saving concept should be really smart to maximize functionality, because a Filipino home has always been modest yet useful and practical.

A typical Filipino home is surrounded by plants, vegetable plants to be exact. This is clearly reflected in our national home anthem, Bahay Kubo, where the surrounding vegetable plants are described more in detail than the house itself. So we devote a special page here for urban gardening which is fast becoming a popular idea in Metro Manila, though not yet well applied.

Tipong HOME also delves on design, concepts, principles, news, furniture ideas, and practical solutions that make a Filipino home more comfortable, convenient and more useful.

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Image above from the PInterest site.