Why Home Vegetable Gardens are a Must Today in the City

Image from Gallery.

It used to be an option few people in the city took seriously. City people were used to the idea that vegetables were grown in rural areas, not in the middle of the suburbs.

But my dad, as early as the 1970s, started his vegetable garden on our property in Quezon City. He woke up at 4 am, wore his native farmer outfit, and went to work up to 8 am.

But in the 21st century, it’s not anymore an option. We all city dwellers should start home vegetable gardening and ensure that all our harvests are organic. City meals are in dire need of fresh, organic vegetables free of chemicals and toxins. We have been feeding on almost nothing but chemicals and synthetic plant supplements.

Most vegetables sold in the market underwent massive chemical pesticide bombardment to keep them damage free from pest activities. But the sad story is that these chemicals stick to the vegetables and remain there even with thorough washing and cooking. So in effect, we feed on chemicals everyday. No matter if you brag being vegetarian all the way, you still cannot make certain you are healthy and ailment free.

When chemicals accumulate in our bodies, health and the immune system are compromised. We easily get sick, especially with deadly diseases. Moreover, chemicals easily make our bodies more acidic than is necessary, and where acidic environment exists, diseases thrive. No wonder the proliferation of deadly and weird diseases today. And think of the kids getting harmed in the process.

One of the remedies is starting your own organic home vegetable garden. Yes, there are organic farms growing organic vegetables, but where are they? The nearest to Metro Manila is in Tagaytay, and who from the metropolis can go there everyday in this traffic?

But the problem with home vegetable gardens is available space, especially if you live in densely populated areas in the city where an entire residence is cramped in a mere 40 square meters or smaller. Where else can you plant?

But organizations pushing for urban gardening encourage people to turn every available space into a vegetable garden. And this means converting walls, roofs, window ledges, exterior stairs, and even the immediate sides of houses as planting areas, like in the image above. Empty cans were painted clean, filled with soil and hanged on the wall to serve as planting containers.

Can you grow healthy and full grown vegetables with those? Definitely. Just apply compost and organic fertilizer regularly. Organic gardening takes care of pest problems. Pests hate organically grown vegetables.

Image from Desertification on a WordPress Site.

In fact, many in Metro Manila have started the idea. The image above is a home vegetable garden inside a residential property. If seriously done, you can have a harvest somewhat to the tune of a farm harvest. Especially if you devote it to planting the native “sili” or chili which is in demand today due to restaurants and fastfood chains serving hot chili sauce.

My disciples in my bible study have started their own home vegetable gardens right on their rooftops. I was amazed how their gardens have prospered. Below are some pictures:


Plants in sacks full of soil or empty jars or jugs or old basins.


Plants in old Styrofoam containers.


Seedlings in old styrofoam boxes.


Plants protected from stray cats that may urinate on the green leafy veggies.


Look at those string beans grown in simple plastic buckets!

You want to have your own organic home vegetable garden? You want organic compost and organic fertilizer and you live within Metro Manila? We sell organic home vegetable garden kit for P1,888. You get 20 kilos of compost, 1 liter of liquid organic fertilizer, spray, vegetable seeds, and 3 plastic pots to help you start right away. You also get a membership to get your 20 percent discount on your next purchase of the compost and organic fertilizer.

If you are interested, please fill up the form below:


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