Your Flourishing Organic Garden Right in Your Home!

Image from PInterest.

By this time, almost everyone of us realize the importance of eating organically grown vegetables for health purposes. Tons of chemical pesticides are bombarded on most vegetables and the pesticides stay on them when we buy them from the market. And these chemicals never disappear during washing and don’t die during cooking.

So we practically eat them.

Some health buffs pride themselves on eating lots of vegetables or on being vegan. But what they don’t realize is that they may be more chemicalian or chemicorous than vegetarian.

There are organic vegetable farms in Tagaytay, but how often do you go there (except if you live there). We mostly rely on the wet market or talipapa near us for our vegetable needs. And how sure are we that they don’t contain toxins?

So, it’s time we grow our own organic vegetables right in our backyards—or even patio or porch. Doesn’t matter if it’s just a small area. It’s possible. There are ways to do it. Just look at the image above—how do you like growing an abundance of organically grown vegetables right in your small patio or terrace? Looks good as well.

Grow vegetables in pots, big plastic wares or wooden plant boxes. Place them around nicely in your porch or garage where there’s enough sunlight. UseĀ organic compost as soil and feed the plants with organic fertilizer. In a matter of weeks or months, presto, you start harvesting authentic and healthy organic vegetables right in your home.

And that’s the authentic Filipino home, the proverbial Bahay Kubo, kahit munti, ang halaman doon ay sari-sari (House that’s a hut, though small, yet plants there are of various kinds). Simple methods of gardening designed for urban application are being developed today to promote urban gardening. Utilize every available space or area in your house—garage, porch, terrace, patio, or simply place pots securely on your window and start planting vegetables there.

Or be like Nebuchadnezzar and try a hanging garden using shelves attached to walls with small plant pots in them, or the shelves themselves serving as plant boxes. Or hang used plastic containers or bottles cut out to serve as plant pots, hang them using wires attached to the ceiling of your garage or porch. There are a lot of ways to make it possible.

It’s no joke what harm accumulated chemicals in your body can do as a result of years and years of eating fruits and vegetables contaminated with chemical toxins. Plus, vegetables brought from the provinces to the city markets lack freshness anymore and mostly lose their nutrients during transport, handling, and being exposed too much to harmful sunlight and pollution.

Your organic vegetable garden right in your home (near the kitchen, if possible) spells the big difference. You get fresh, handpicked organic vegetables you can eat raw safely. Imagine, fresh vegetables from the garden to your dinner table!

So start growing your organic tomatoes, eggplants, okra, pechay, sili and others. See how you can convert your extra spaces into your home vegetable garden.


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